What is theTrademark Registration?

The most important investment of your company is your trademark in the trade competition environment. The trademark is the most crucial indicator in creating your difference and also showing quality of your services and products. The greatness of the firms are measured with their trademarks rather than their tangible assets. Thanks to this, being a tardemark is the most efficient method to increase profitability. Hence, the trademark registiration is keystone of trademarking strategy of the firms in the market.

How is the process of the trademark registration?

Your trademark application is put into process as online by  our team of experts within the same day, as well as, your name registration is simultaneously  put into operation by Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. The official writing about realization of the trademark application is send to its applier. Turkish Patent and Trademark Office almost 4 months makes a preliminary surveyabout applied trademark. After that  trademarks seemed convenient is publicated in the Official Trademark Bulletin.Registration decision of the trademark is settled as long as an objection does not come to thattrademark which has been publicated in the Bulletin during 2 months. Together with the payment of that trademark’s document fee, registration process of the trademark is completed and trademark registration certificate is formed.

It is enough to reach us in order to learn more details about how  trademark registration is realized, as well as, to give a start your trademark registration process.