What is theTrademark Registration?

The most important investment of your company is your trademark in the trade competition environment. The trademark is the most crucial indicator in creating your difference and also showing quality of your services and products. The greatness of the firms are measured with their trademarks rather than their tangible assets. Thanks to this, being a tardemark is the most efficient method to increase profitability. Hence, the trademark registiration is keystone of trademarking strategy of the firms in the market.

How is the process of the trademark registration?

Your trademark application is put into process as online by  our team of experts within the same day, as well as, your name registration is simultaneously  put into operation by Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. The official writing about realization of the trademark application is send to its applier. Turkish Patent and Trademark Office almost 4 months makes a preliminary surveyabout applied trademark. After that  trademarks seemed convenient is publicated in the Official Trademark Bulletin.Registration decision of the trademark is settled as long as an objection does not come to thattrademark which has been publicated in the Bulletin during 2 months. Together with the payment of that trademark’s document fee, registration process of the trademark is completed and trademark registration certificate is formed.

It is enough to reach us in order to learn more details about how  trademark registration is realized, as well as, to give a start your trademark registration process.



By watching trademark our expert team determines phonetic similarities of  same trademarks which are monthly  reported in the Official Trademark Bulletin. You can  objecting during 2 months of  publication time.

It is enough to reach us in order to take more detailed information about our trademark watching and trademark appeal services.



Appeal Against The Decision

Appeals may be placed against the decisions of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. Any party adversely affected by a decision of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office may appeal. Notice of appeal must be filed in writing at the Institute within two months after the date of notification of the decision. The fee for appeal has to be paid when filing of the notice for the appeal to be examined.

It is enough to reach us if you want to take an information about appeal against the decision.

Opposition Against Published Trademark

It is possible to appeal to a trademark that has been announced by a Turkish Patent and Trademark Office within two months. Our attorney is preparing the bulletin appeal process. Before objection, objection is evaluated free of charge by our lawyer.

It is enough to reach us if you want to take an information about appeal the Opposition Published Trademark.

Opinion Against Objection

Your trademark published by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office may come to the objection. It is possible to give an opinion against the appeal. The legal time for opposing views is one month. Therefore, if counter-vision processing is desired, the file should be prepared quickly. Opinion Against Objection  will prepared by our attorney.

Pre-evaluation can be made before the transaction if the client requests. If you have something you want to consult, you can contact our company.

Other Trademark Operations

  • Change in the title and adress of owner
  • Change in the type of owner
  • Registration of a license and renewal of a license
  • Recording of the whole or partial transfer
  • Domain Name Registration Of Your Trademark


According to Industrial Property Law No. 6769 related with the protection of trademarks, protection duration of trademarks is 10 years from its application date and before 6 months that time runs out trademark renewal operation starts. The trademarks whose renewal operation have not been done are legally accepted as invalid, that’s why, taking back is only possible with court decision. Otherwise protection right of the trademark is impossible.

It is enough to reach us in order to take much more information about how a trademark renewal operation is done and to do  renewal operation of your registered trademark.

Identify who you are, what your brand is and what you are not. The rest is too much noise.


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