About Us

Markalasana.com has taken an active role within the sector since 2007 to service about intellectual and industrial property rights (trademark, patent and design registirations, copyright). Both inside and outside of the country we are offering service for more than 6000 thousand of clients. We are a consulting with firm giving a service for both outside and inside of Turkey, besides, providing credible, moral, rapid and economic operations with our experienced trademark and patent attornies registered in Turkish Patent Office, engineers, lawyers and other specialists.
Our working principle is based on privacy essential in order to prevent unfair competition and to give all kinds of legal support about our clients’ rights in the global market.

Vısıon and Mıssıon
Our Vısıon
Being a solution partner which is preferred thanks to its fair, reilable and speciality by providing full support about intellectual property rights to our clients.

Our Mıssıon
Providing a support with our experienced staff in order to raise awareness of our clients about trademark, research and development, and intellectual property rights, to protect their rights in the global market,as well as, to create competition.

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